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I am you. I am her. I am a victim of abuse. 

I had the idea to create the Wounded Woman Project after I finally had the courage to leave my own abusive relationship. 

Because I had no obvious signs of physical abuse, some of my own friends questioned my story.  Some even went on to take my husband's side after he talked with them and manipulated the story to make me look like the bad person. 

As women in our society we are often told to forgive, forget, and move on.  My story like many others was invalidated and I was told I was overreacting and being overly emotional. It was more important for me to save my marriage for my kids' sake, than for me to be treated with the respect and dignity any person deserves. 

The truth is that no human being should have to endure any type of abuse whether it is physical or not. 

My mission is to bring the darkness of abuse into the light.  To help other women walk out of that darkness like I did.  I want to educate people that words are just as damaging as a punch and that no one should feel they need to stay because "he doesn't hit me".

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